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Főoldal | Egészségmegőrző és rekreációs termékek

Health promotion and recreation products

Seat ring

Seat ring Ø 35 cm
Seat ring ↨ 8 cm
Seat ring, inner hole Ø 10 cm
2 990 Ft

The ischial ring is recommended for a speedy recovery after haemorrhoid surgery or childbirth.

Its breathable cover and anti-allergenic synthetic fibre filling ensure that the cushion will not "sweat" under the user.

Filling: synthetic fibre

Filling weight: 270 gr


Neck brace pillow

2 990 Ft
It releases the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, reduces bad-range, pain resulting from spine wear.
During you are using this, you can improve the blood flow.
If you use regularly this pillow, you can reduce the number of headaches.
It is easy to clean it and you can take off the zipped cover from it. Washable on 30C.
You can refresh it with airing.
Inlet: microfiber
Filling: spongre

Roll pillow

Hengerpárna merinó jellegű borítóval
Hengerpárna microfiber borítóval
Hengerpárna microfiber borítóval
3 800 Ft
The suitable roll pillow supports the neck, so you can relax effectively. 
It’s made with sponge and essential to the rehabilitation exercises.
While massageing the knees, feet, shoulders you can shore your body parts 
Filling: sponge

Cherry pit pillow

2 200 Ft
The cherry pit pillow is very popular cure.
After washing and drying the seeds, they are carefully sorted and then they become filling.
Chemical treatment will not be made. The heated cherry pit cushion improves the blood supply, but suitable also for pain relief for example: stomach ache, ear ache and menstrual cramps. It can be heated in microwave oven for short time on 600 W, the pillows temperature can’t exceed th 90C. 


Salt pillow

2 000 Ft
The warm salt pillow application: kidney pain, middle ear infection, back pain, immune enhancing, cough, liver and bile complaints, degenerative joint pains.
The salt pillow doesn’t cause skin irritation.
Attention! Don’t heat in microwave oven, because the excessive heating can cause fire.
Recommended to heat with hairdryer.

Kidney heater

2 100 Ft
It is good for kidneys, because the heater keeps warmer them in colder weather too. During using it the product is raising the waist’s warmness. It fits to the body with maximum comfort feeling.
The wool made heater is excelent for waist ache and menstrual cramps.
Pleasant, soft-touch, warm and comfortable to wear.
It can be worn under clothing and it can be easily attached with rubber straps.
Inlet: merinó wool

Vein pillow

9 900 Ft


It is good for the tired legs regeneration. This pillow is perfectly align to your legs, so it helps to relax. It is offered for tired legs symptoms relief and it is good for venous problems too.