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19 500 Ft

Feather quilt

200cm x 220cm
17 550 Ft
The feather filled products are realy timeless, we are able to find some feather pillows and quilts at our grandparents’, that they still love to use.
This product is planned for summer nights, but it is perfect for not so colder-feeling people at winter nights too.
The inlet is 100% featherproof cotton, which prevents the feather going into the air. Becuase of the cassettes the feather covers the complete body.
Filling weight: 1600 gr
Inlet: 100% featherproof cotton
9 200 Ft

Microfiber summer quilt

200cm x 220cm
7 360 Ft
The polyester’s first and most important trait that it is antiallergic, so this product grants relaxing sleep for those people who are allergic to feather and down. Because of the quilts thin filling in summer you feel warm but not hot under it.
The microfiber material is made with special technology, thereby it doesn’t rucks, the bedding is soft, flexible and resists for external damages.
Washable on 40C, handy, dryable.
Filling weight: 1200 gr
Inlet: microfiber