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Főoldal | Gyermek termékek

Child’s products

Child bed linen

90cm x 130cm
3 000 Ft
Our bed linen products we are makeing from excelent quality cotton material with a special child figured fabric.
We can make it in different sizes and with different figures what your child will realy like.
It contains:
- 1 piece 40x50 pillow cower
- 1 piece 90x130 quilt cover

Child bedclothes - polyester

5 200 Ft
The polyester filled child quilt and pillow is very light, grants peaceful sleeping, moistures permeable. It’s also antiallergic and skin-friendly.
The inlet is cotton, it is a good choose in hotter and in colder days as well. 
Washable on 40C, handy, dryable.
It contains:
- 1 piece 40x50 pillow
- 1 piece 90x130 quilt


Child bedclothes - down

90cm x 130cm
15 600 Ft

The down filled child quilt and pillow is very light, thats because your child could feel him-/herselve between the clouds during his/her dreams.

The inlet is 100% feather- and downproof fabric, which doesn’t lets the down to go out from the product to the air.

It has made with cassettes, so your tumbling child can’t displace the down in the quilt.

It contains:
- 1 piece 40x50, 100 gr filling pillow
- 1 piece 90x130, 300 gr filling quilt